Dunn,NC 27504,USA


Some are called to the frontline, all are called to the battle


We are all in this war and it is not until we realize our place in it that we will be able to see advancement and victories. ‘Reinforcements’ is defined as “additional troops or material sent to support a military action.” We are the reinforcements.


To provide reinforcements to those on the frontlines of the Gospel.


“Boots on the Ground” as a phrase is defined as “The ground forces actually fighting in a war or conflict, rather than troops not engaged or other military action suchas air strikes.” We are in a war. War is being waged for the souls of people in every corner of the globe. It is not the time to sit idly by. God has called specific people for the infantry of His army. These are the missionaries that give up house and home and all the comforts of familiarity to answer this call to the frontlines of gospel advancement. They are the Boots on the Ground. Salvation through Christ (the Good News of the Gospel) is the weapon used to equip missionaries to win this war for souls. But what about the rest of us? How do those of us who are not called to be fulltime missionaries engage in this all too important battle? For everyone has a roll and no one is excused from engagement. Those of us not called to the frontlines have an equally important task. As civilians, we are called to provide spiritually, financially, and practically to those in the heat of battle.